City View Window Cleaning

City View Window Cleaning Services was founded in 2000, and has quickly established itself as one of the most successful organisations within its industry. The company has forged relationships with many iconic venues and buildings, becoming the preferred window cleaning provider and contractor for these entities.

City View has extensive experience in all aspects of window cleaning. This includes all low and high rise access and is obtained through means of Rope Access, Elevated Work Platforms and general ground level window cleaning. In addition, our cleaning extends to high access cleaning of surrounding infrastructure such as frames, ledges and beams in order to provide the highest level of presentation possible.

Our trained, qualified and professional core team of employees are capable of tackling any task no matter how difficult or complex. Many of our staff possess years of experience in the industry and have the expertise and knowledge to allow them to produce the highest level of standard and safety. Our operations Manager has over a decade of experience in all aspects of window cleaning and over sees, reports and advises on all operations of the organisation.

With the environment a major priority for individuals and businesses alike, City View Window Cleaning will assist you in achieving your environmental goals anywhere possible. We have the ability to use recycled rainwater and the latest in environmentally friendly cleaning products.

In summary, City View Window Cleaning Service differs from its competitors through the core strength and the ability to pride itself on the high level of standard that is produced. This is clearly demonstrated through the high client referral base, retention and renewing of contracts, as well as general reputation within the industry. We are a market leader in our field with coverage throughout Melbourne and Victoria, servicing over 50 major venues and facilities. We guarantee the ability to service your needs and ensure your facility the very best in presentation excellence.